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Amazon George Laurer

Step ONE

Sign up or Log in.

Sign up or Log in. If you haven’t already sign up for an Amazon Sellers account click here. http://sellercentral.amazon.co.uk

Step TWO

Adding you product

Sign into your Seller Central account. Next click on the inventory tab, select Add a Product from the pull down menu.


Create a new product.

This is the important bit. You need to now click on the Create a new product button. This is as your product is not in the Amazon catalogue.


Product Category

Now choice which category your products fall under from the list and continue.


Adding your product details and barcode

Now you need to fill out all the details describing your product. You MUST fill in all sections which have a * including the section for a EAN or UPC barcode. If you do not yet have a barcode please click here

Step SIX

Continue filling in the information until you complete the process. Please remember to make a note of which barcode you have assigned to each product to avoid duplication. Keep this information safe.